Christmas Joy with Crafter’s Companion Dimensionals! by Sherrill Willis

I know, I know I already DID one of these, but trust me, this one is Very Different! I made a living room, and used two Dimensionals to do it. Here, for those of you out there, like me, that read the last page of a book first (don’t @ me on this! Lol) here’s some pictures of the final product:

Dimensionals Project

How cool is that? How did I do it? With a lot of mistakes, some mild cursing and lots and lots of glue. Let’s get started.

If you want to craft along, you brave soul, I will do my best to give measurements.

However, the only measurements are really this:

Start with a 12” x 12” piece of poster board (or heavy card stock), score down the middle both ways on the 6”, then pick which side you want to be the bottom and cut up to the other 6” mark, like this:


That is a cut from the bottom to the middle, here comes the part that caused me a bit of trouble, you need to then score diagonally from the centre middle on each bottom card to the outside corner, then do a mountain fold on both, and then put them together like this:

Card folding

See where I’m going with this? Not yet? Okay, how about now?

I knew you would, smart reader, so now onto the cursing bit. I promise not to curse here, it being a family channel, but, wow, I had to rearrange a few things a couple of times.

Top Tip: do not put two Dimensionals directly kitty-corner to each other, like this:

Dimensionals Project

There are so many things I changed from this picture I almost didn’t include it. However, if it can save you some time (and cursing) than I’m a giver. See the tree? Yeah, I moved that to the other edge of that page.  I could have shut the card, it just was way too tricky for me to get the cuts right for the backdrop, and the floor, etc. Really, save yourself, don’t do that. I changed it to this after a day of trying to cut and measure and measure and cut, and well, you get the gist:

Dimensionals Project

See? So much better! I put the “floor” in, and the backdrop “wallpaper” as well. I cheated and got card that had the bricks already on it, instead of stamping and measuring and cutting. I was quite done with measuring and cutting at this point. Yes, those are “presents” you see, made from Lawn Fawn’s great Lift-A-Flap dies. I highly recommend them! They come in circles/ovals and squares/rectangles and are So Much Fun! I was making this card as a special order for my Auntie, who will be giving it to her longtime bff/business partner, and she chose all the words and sentiments. Cleverness runs in the family, what can I say?

Let me back up just a bit. I know I sound like I’m complaining about all that measuring and cutting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not my favourite bit. However, I had a lot of fun making this particular card, and learned a LOT by doing so. Enough that I changed the subject of this blog (sorry Clarise, you’re the best!!) and really wanted to bring this to everyone to show another way of using these great Crafter’s Companion dies and stamp sets. Oh! Where are my manners? Here are the sets I used:


I left that a little late in the game, but anyway, if you look above you can see which dies/stamps I used. The tree, fireplace are the main ones, but I also used the dies for the wood, wood holder, wreath, fire, grate, etc. That part I LOVE doing! I actually cut the tree twice and using my craft knife, carefully cut the “branches” and bent them out to create a little more dimension. Then, cut the ornament die twice using silver and red glitter paper backed with a double sided adhesive, ran the star through with adhesive backed gold glitter paper, and Bob’s your Uncle, I had a spectacular tree! (If I do say so myself.)

Dimensionals Project

(If you want more direction on “building” these dimensional cards, I did a more step-by-step blog a few weeks back that you can reference if you would like.)

Ribbet collage 3

Notice here I did not glue down both sides of the “rug” or the sentiment because that would have made it even more bulky than it already was.

Dimensionals Project

(The “presents” have the words: Love, Health, Hope & Peace in them, in case you were curious.)

I hope you enjoyed my second version of working with these Dimensional Dies/Stamps. I really wanted to show another way to use them together to great effect. My Auntie is thrilled, and I’m onto the next project! Thank you for reading, and as always, I appreciate your comments, pictures and support. Until next time, happy crafting!

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