Sew Your Dog a Bone by Lore Green

Hi crafters, I hope you are all craft happy. Like many people, I love my animals and they are always keen to be involved in whatever I am making. Some may say they get in the way and steal my stuff, but I wouldn’t dare! This time I thought I would make them the centre of their own craft project.


This tutorial includes a download to make your dog a bone. It’s super easy and super quick.


You will need:
  • Fabric (heavy weight cottons and fleece works well)
  • Toy Stuffing
  • Bone Template
  • Fabric Pen (optional)
  • Toy Squeaky (optional)
First download, print and cut out the bone template (available here). Place the template on your chosen fabric and cut out two bone shapes, the template includes a ¼” seam allowance. If you wish to add your pet’s name to the front, just write your pet’s name out on a small bit of fabric (calico works well) and cut around the name so it fits in the middle of the bone (you may need to heat set your fabric pen depending on its instructions). Stitch the name label to the front of one of the bones.
Next, place the bone shapes together face down and pin or clip them in place. Remembering to leave a small enough gap to pull the fabric out and turn it the right way around, sew around the bone shape ¼” from the edge. After sewing the bone together, make small snips into the seam towards the stitches (take care not to cut into or beyond the stitches) all around the bone. Gently pull the fabric through the gap you left and push out the shape of the bone.


Fill your bone with the toy stuffing, making sure it reaches into the curves of the bone and add a toy squeaky if you wish to. After stuffing, sew up the gap (I tucked in the seams then overstitched the edge) and then all that is left is to give your doggy a bone!


Lore x

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