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Hi Crafters! With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought I would share with you a simple project to create a romantic-themed, rustic style bunting.
To make the bunting I used Kraft card, patterned paper, Sizzix Bigz die (one of my favourite’s!), three different sizes of heart dies, twine, ribbon, lace, glue, Tim Holtz distress inks and a Creative Expressions latex blending sponge.
I cut-out 12 swallows from 12 layers of Kraft card, 3 swallows from 3 layers of floral patterned paper and 3 swallows from layers of polka dot paper with the Sizzix Bigz die to make 3 pairs of swallows. You can add more pairs to make your bunting as long as you like.
To create the swallows facing each other you will need to reverse how you place one of your patterned papers on the die. As you can cut many layers with the Bigz die at once, I put the 3 layers of polka dot paper over the die pattern side up and the 3 layers of floral paper pattern side down, this way you will get 3 swallows facing one way and 3 facing the other.
One way of thinking about it is, if the die itself cannot be flipped, which it can’t, you need to flip the paper or card. If the card or paper is the same on both sides, you can just turn them over after they are cut. To add a bit more strength to the bunting I glued the patterned paper over one layer of Kraft card.
I chose to use Tim Holtz Distress Inks on the outline of the swallows and the hearts. It’s a little easier to ink them before you loop them but if you forget or change your mind after seeing the swallows without inks you can get away with doing them after. Distressing the edges can help add a vintage or rustic charm to projects as well as add depth and texture, I love dark brown on Kraft card.
I used a Creative Expressions latex blending sponge to add the ink from the ink pad onto the outline of the swallows. You only need a small amount of ink as the sponge makes a little go a long way. To create the smudged, distressed look it’s better to go over the area a few times and build-up colour gradually. It also helps if you resist the inner urge to be even and perfect and apply it in quick, unthinking strokes across and around the outlines.
I then cut 6 small lengths of ribbon to use as loops to thread the twine and lace through. I sandwiched these loops between the patterned paper that had been glued to Kraft card and another layer of plain Kraft card. Make sure the loops are placed in the same area of every swallow if you want them evenly balanced when they are threaded on the twine.
To link the pairs of swallows, I first layered up the hearts from big-to-small to create the heart that joins the swallows’ heads. I then glued the top of the swallows’ heads and beaks onto the heart. Make sure when you glue the swallows’ heads down onto the heart that the swallows are swooping towards each other at the same angle as that will keep them balanced when they are strung on the twine.
Once all my swallows were joined in their pairs, I began threading them on the twine. I decided to knot the twine on to the ribbon loops, so the swallows would stay just where I wanted them. As the pairs of swallows are knotted in place, it means that they can be removed or changed at a later-date if you wish.
Finally, I cut some lace to loop between the pairs of swallows. I decided to knot the lace in place again as it is in keeping with the home-spun simplicity that gives the rustic look its charm. Crochet chains and beads would also look great looped around the bunting.
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