Interview with Jody Long

We are so excited to announce that Hochanda will be welcoming knitting expert Jody Long to the family! We thought we’d have a sit down and pick his brain before he launches his first shows on Hochanda on 9th April, enjoy!

How did you learn to knit & why?
When I was five years old I stayed over my grandmothers house on her farm time to time. In the evenings I remember this huge wicker basket came out with brightly coloured yarns and needles sticking out with half finished projects. It fascinated me with all the colours and projects she made, so, one day I said can you show me how to knit.

What was your first finished project?
Oh no, I remember it to this day. It was a very badly knitted picture sweater in pink and cream with two little rabbits on the front. It was a disaster as I never knew about tension and needle sizes. The cream was aran and the pink was chunky, so you can only image.
How did you start designing?
I started designing from the age of twelve, designing clothes for my sisters dolls. When I was fourteen I designed a teacher teddy with a little knitted book and mortarboard and sent it to a magazine to be turn’t down due to my age.

Who have you designed for?
I have designed for many magazines and yarn mills around the world, including celebrity clients, and a few designer labels like Gucci, Prada and Next.
When did you become an author?
I always wanted to write about knitting from an early age, so when I was approached by Dover Publications back in early 2015 I jumped at the chance. Since then I have written 3 books, Knitted Toys, Baby Knits and Cable Knits.

Why did you make your own yarn line?
I commissioned a yarn mill to spin my own yarn range in late 2015. I did this because there is nothing better than designing patterns using a yarn your passionate about. There has been several times I would design with magazines and they change the yarn and send you something that doesn’t work or look as good. Having my own range I can push my designs to the limit.
What do you like knitting best?
This is a difficult question, because I love knitting everything from socks, hats, toys to garments. I guess I prefer to design and knit toys and baby garments.

What are you working on with HOCHANDA TV?
I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to work with HOCHANDA on a few projects. I have a couple of teddy kits and teddy clothing kits coming to the show along with a Nordic cushion and throw kit.
What are you looking forward to joining HOCHANDA TV?
I’m looking forward to sharing my wealth of knitting knowledge and tips with all of the viewers and get people knitting!

What would you say to help people start knitting?
Knitting is fun, relaxing and creative! Just remember if you have not knitted before, knitting is a stitch by stitch craft so therefore take it step by step and stitch by stitch. Once the basic cast on and off, Knit and Purl have been mastered your away to knitting just about anything you can imagine. 

Don’t forget to tune in on 9th April for Jody’s first shows! Watch Hochanda every day 24/7 for lots of fun and crafty demonstrations and inspiration! Watch Hochanda live online, Sky channel 663 or Freesat 817.

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