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Hi folks,

Sorry, I almost forgot to do a post on this blog!  I need to get used to this new job 🙂

I promised we would give away some of the incredible artwork produced by Matthew on the painting shows.  Matt has been so generous, and actually given us 4 different pictures to give away!!

All you need to do, following in the foot-steps of previous give aways, is to comment on this post. Good luck!!

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52 thoughts on “Saturday Blog Candy

  1. I watched the show, the trick with the masking tape was made to look easier than using a pencil. I'd love to hang one of those besutiful pictures on my wall. I love mountains too and this art work is superb!

  2. I was hooked from the first minute. Matthew really brings water colour painting to those of us who have never really grasped the technique. Having pupils in the studio is just brilliant. The third picture looks so like a photo taken by my father more than 50 years ago of a local country road. It really took me right back to my childhood. Needless to say, I fell for the kit and can't wait for it to arrive and start playing. xx Maggie

  3. What a wonderful prize !! I watched the shows and was totally in awe of Matthew. He really makes it look so simple with his easy going manner. He makes anyone believe they can paint. I have bought the kit and really can't wait for it to arrive. To win a piece of Matthew's artwork would really be the icing on the cake. Linda x

  4. Matthew is a fantastic teacher. I bought his products before I came here and it was only after seeing his show this week that I remembered that I had all his paints and DVD's etc. I was gobsmaked at how it turned out, I am over the moon with my picture and I really never thought I could paint a picture to be proud of. I highly recommend his collection to anyone terrified of giving it a go. Wonderful to have the opportunity to have a piece of his artwork, Fingers crossed.

  5. Brilliant shows. I even had a go with some old watercolours I had already. I managed to produce something I actually quite liked following Matthew's tuition. Would be easier with Matthew's paints though. Hope he comes back soon.

  6. What a talent. The pictures are so calm and peaceful. Who wouldn't like to win one of these? Hochanda really is living up to it's name.

  7. I love Matthew's paintings. I went to see him demonstrating in a small hall. He is very entertaining too!! I also have a lot of his products. Carol S.xx

  8. WELL, I would LOVE to win one of Matthew's pictures – but I know that I am not alone!! Should I be fortunate to have one of his pictures on my wall – I could lose myself in it, and escape from reality!! Well, I can dream, can't I!? Gilly R xxx

  9. It was wonderful to watch Matthew on his shows – thank you for showing a different picture on every show as it gave an insight of what can be created. I have purchased the One Day Special for a teenager who was captivated and thought this might help towards their art at school. Would obviously love an original for inspiration. Hope we get to see more shows like this

  10. great shows featuring the painting talents of matthew. have learnt such a lot and watching him has boosted my desire to after years of believeing I couldn't paint for toffee, now being inspired to have a go once again

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