Hello again, here we are celebrating the first day of spring. Spring is by far my favourite season of the year. I love seeing all the spring bulbs in full bloom, especially the snow drops and the crocus. I am a keen gardener and spring is the start of an exciting new year in my garden. I grow my own vegetables and potatoes are the first thing to go in the ground. I love the springtime. It is the most amazing time of the year.
Feeling inspired yet? I love traditional cottage garden plants in my flower garden and these flowers remind me so much of primroses and polyanthus. I have fond memories of polyanthus as a child, being ill with salmonella for months from school dinners and my mum picking me a bunch of polyanthus flowers to cheer me up. I was only about 7 at the time. I just love driving around the countryside and seeing all the primroses on the banks and cowslips. A true sign that summer is on the way and the flowers are there bowing their heads in the breeze to tell us summer is around the corner.
To celebrate, I am using my Craft Buddy wired flowers (purchased off Craft Price Drop) to create a cheerful wreath to brighten up your door. It’s small enough to hang on a cupboard door handle to brighten up any space.
You will need:
  • Craft Buddy Circular wreaths – I’ve used the large one in the set.
  • White Gesso
  • Craft Buddy Wired flowers and leaves.
  • Craft Buddy butterflies.
  • Craft Buddy metal embellishment (dragon fly of any other of your choice)
  • Alcohol markers to colour the metal embellishment.
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun or silicon glue if you prefer.
  • Ribbon
Stage 1: Apply gesso to your MDF wreath – this is optional as you don’t really see it so if you don’t have any gesso you don’t need to worry.  Once dry, thread some ribbon through to make the hanger and tie a knot to secure. I stick my knot down to the back of the wreath so it does not come loose.
Stage One
Stage 2: Separate the wired leaves and trim the wire to the end of the leaf or bend the wire to the back of your wreath. Take care as the wire is quite sharp when cut. I found tapping the wire down with a pair of jewellery pliers or a hammer will work. You can always apply a layer of something like washi tape over the back of the wreath to avoid scratches. Arrange them over your wreath and stick down using a blob of hot glue or silicon glue to your wreath.
Stage 2
Stage 3: Separate your flowers and snip them from the bunches so you get a flat flower head thus removing the stalks and arrange around your wreath to achieve a coverage as in my photograph filling in any gaps as you go. Stick them down with your glue of choice.
Stage 3
Stage 4: Colour your metal embellishment with alcohol markers or leave silver – the choice is yours and arrange your embellishments. Stick them down with your glue.
Stage 4
Ta da. If you are making anything from my tutorials I’d love to see them. Please don’t forget to share your makes from all our blog posts on the Hochanda Facebook page.
Love Tracy

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